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Sears Plumbing

"Your Personal Master Plumber"

Sears Plumbing Licensed Plumbing Contractor serving Denver Colorado

At Sears Plumbing, we are focused on providing  alternative services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Sears Plumbing is a Non-Commission CO. Plumber

Hi I'm Keith Sears the owner and license holder of Sears Plumbing. I have worked for major plumbing service companies in Denver since 2008. As the top plumber in one of the nation's largest plumbing service company. I have also worked at a couple of locally owned large plumbing companies. With the past years of teaching, training, solving & repairing. On a more personal note my reasoning for providing a personal plumber service as mine. I started out in new construction. Building homes from the ground up. I have worked hard to call myself and earn the license of a master plumber. One company I worked for put a man in a truck and started sending him to your homes. He sold cars the week before and had never plumbed anything in his life. Nice enough guy for sure, but this industry is no place for saying how hard can it be, when it comes to your home. As the years have passed I have met literally handfuls of similar individuals. Handy men are one thing, you will NOT find working for me! I have come to a point in my life where ethics are overlooked in so many ways. It is time for change! To answer your question, you can not go to school to become a plumber! You have to be an apprentice for a master plumber. Which takes Years. Some states can be more than 7+ years. Sears Plumbing honest plumbing with an honest name.



We keep the overhead and operation cost down and are able to past those significant  savings onto you. Advertising on the radio and television does one thing only. Charges are then past on to the customer. Just because you paid more does not mean you received better. Sears Plumbing is exactly where prices should be. Local family Licensed Plumbing serving Denver.