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Sewer repair Denver trenchless and excavation. Sears Plumbing (303) 386-5682

The plumbing system in our homes are never thought of until something gets wet.The days of how can I and now what do I do, are being put to rest.


Here at Sears Plumbing, LLC. we have years of experience in sewer line evaluations. You will only receive a fully licensed master plumber to look at any plumbing issues, at your home. We use state of the art trenchless equipment to prevent costly landscaping repairs, and an unsightly curb appeal.


What is Trenchless you ask Lets start here. This is a process in which access to the existing sewer line may be required in one to two areas or more. New solid ABS plastic is then pulled continuously  from one point to another. One other technology uses a fiberglass liner which can line existing good standing sewer


Some areas in Denver have strict guidelines, for use of these great technologies. We have posted a Direct link PDF to Denver Revised Municipal Code (RMC).


Sears Plumbing, cares for our customers with the highest of standards.


In most cases multiple options should be available.


The average cost to repair a sewer line should not put you on the street.


Any type of sewer line repair should always be evaluated by a Licensed plumber. Experience one of Denver's most qualified advisors. Call us today. (303) 386-5682

City of Denver residents can only excavate sewer repairs unless stated in (RMC)


Revised Municipal Code (RMC) of the City & County of Denver. Replace or repair existing building sewer line by means of either a pipe bursting or Trenchless repair.


The link above is to the city of Denver PDF file on rules to any type of pipe bursting within Denver. This will answer all your questions. "Is this an option for me?"


I hope this helps save some valuable time in finding answers.

Sewer line head pipe tugger attachment

Sears Plumbing, LLC.

Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat: By Appointment

Sun: Emergencies

(303) 386-5682


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