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  • How do I know if it is time to replace my water heater?
  • What are some key items I should monitor?
  • Is there anything I can do to prolong the life of my water heater.
  • Is there any possible dangers in an aged water heater?
  • What are the best water heaters?
  • Is my water heater installed right?
  • What if I have two water heaters?
  • Should I replace my water heater with a tank-less water heater?


These are all great questions and many more. Sears Plumbing LLC. has your answers.

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9 news Denver


May. 10th, 2012


Denver, Colo. - Too often the only time homeowners pay attention to their home water heater is during a pre-sale inspection or later when the hot water stops. But the good news is that you can double the lifetime of your home water heater with regular maintenance by Sears Plumbing, LLC. Thornton, CO.


Considering that most water heaters last an average of 7 to 12 years, the ability to extend that run to 15+ years is a big money saver, says Keith Sears, master plumber and owner of Sears Plumbing.( Besides saving money on replacement, there’s also a savings in energy costs when a well-kept water heater is running efficiently.


Home water heaters fail for a number of reasons - the major one being age, says Keith Sears, master plumber - owner of Sears Plumbing,Denver. Draining and flushing out the water heater plus changing the anode rod should be done annually to keep a water heater running optimally. Only $229 to drain, flush and inspect anode rod. Such a small price to pay compared to the cost of installing a new water heater.


The anode rod is designed to protect against corrosion inside the water heater tank by attracting the corrosion to itself rather than allowing the corrosion to adhere to the glass-lined steel tank. It’s sometimes called a sacrificial anode, because it dissolves slowly, sacrificing itself to protect the metal tank. As the anode rod is depleted over time, the water heater starts to produce rust-color water - one symptom that your water heater is in trouble.


It’s time to call Sears Plumbing Denver. (303) 386-5682


Other symptoms that sediment is building up inside your water heater include:


  • Heating element burns out
  • Energy use can increase
  • Unit overheats
  • Aggravating noise begins
  • Annoying vibration begins
  • Bacteria begins to grow
  • Unit emits an unpleasant odor.


All of these issues can be prevented with annual flushing and changing out the anode rod, extending the life of your water heater up to 15+ remarkable years.


“It’s like a car. If you never change the brakes, sooner or later you’re changing the rotors,” says Sears. “Just like regular oil changes and scheduled tune-ups can keep your car running for years, longer than average, Annual maintenance of your home water heater will do the same."

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